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Solar powered collar animal tracker simplify the grazing

While in the open air, a tracker with solar power can be pretty useful. As we know, many electrical gadgets possibly will face the tricky problem: better balance the product size and battery lasting time. Once we have the solar powered GPS collar, the solar panel will charge its battery automatically as long as it is under a sunny day. 

Application of the solar powered collar animal tracker

When we talked about the application of solar powered GPS collar, it possibly means to manage the pasture grazing effectively. To control each livestock in a vast open air is not easy, not to mention retrieve the missing ones in rugged terrain. The sensor in every solar tracker device will send back the real-time location to the server in a specific time. Then the owner can check the cattle/sheep movement report on a phone anytime. Considering livestock farming can be a long time moving around outside, add a solar panel on the tracker device can be the extra guarantee for power supply.

Besides utilized on the farming cattle or sheep, the solar powered collar also works well on dogs or other active animals. It is said that millions of pets go missing each year. More than just a tracker device, the tracker collar with a solar power can work longer time outside. Especially when the beloved pets wandering out unaccompanied.

solar powered collar for cows
solar powered animal collar

Features of the solar powered collar

Long standby battery, continuous tracking by extra solar panel charge. 

Take off and out of geo fence alarms, know the status of the animal in time.

Support check on mobile phone and computer, easy operation.

Voice recall the cattle/sheep.

To know detailed specifications, just visit the product page NL-V26.


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