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How does a GPS tracker work?

Today a GPS tracking device plays an important role both in business and daily life. Sometimes people may meet use issues because of not knowing it well. However, it can be simple when you know how it works actually.

How does a GPS tracking system work?

The GPS tracking system uses the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) network. It enables a GPS device to obtain data such as the position, time, speed, and direction at the time it receives the signal and data from the satellites transmit it by a wireless or cellular network.

how does gps tracking system work

The GPS unit which has a real-time tracking feature, also known as GSM tracker, there is a gsm modem inside the device. And it transmits the data via the wireless or cellular network to a server. The server acts as the cloud that allows the user to access the real-time position data of the tracking unit by phone or computer.  Although there is another kind of GPS device, also known as GPS logger, it can record the past journeys and store in internal memory. The user can download it to a computer later after an event or activity.

How to use a GPS tracking device?

A GPS tracker can be used to track children, cars, pets or other valuable assets on delivery. People can check where the children or elderly when they go out alone. What’s more, the user can press the SOS button to call the predetermined numbers automatically under emergency. In addition, a personal tracker can be used for a commercial reason, such as to monitor the behavior of the employees for effective work analysis. 

Although a car tracker works similarly as a personal tracker. But it has some special features for cars. Besides getting a real-time location of a car, there are more options like detecting an over speed, movement at unknown situations, and fuel or power remote control, etc.

OBD tracker or hard wired tracker can be connected to the car and draw power, while the magnetic tracker can hide at a discreet place and consume its inbuilt power. You will need to set a longer interval report time to keep it works relatively longer time. 

Notes in use


Each GPS device has a GPS antenna to obtain signals from satellites. So the user has to make sure to put the device in a place avoid metal covering, right side up. The better signals it gets, the more accurate position data it receives.

In order to prolong the working time of the device, you can set a power saving work mode at some time.


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