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A GPS device is necessary for outdoor?

An outdoor GPS device is a must-have in wild areas

When going out for hiking, Climbing or Camping, we will no doubt head for a longer trip more than a daily commuting route. Sometimes in order to see more magnificent sights, hikers will adventure to take a small trail. As it is not the familiar road, it is easy to meet unpredicted situations, like getting lost, fall from slippery rocks. It is really dreadful under an isolated place with few companions. Even worse, the signal for a cell phone is weak. At this moment, if you have brought a portable GPS device, you can easily check the location of your current place, find a way to the destination or back to the departure place. What’s more, trigger an SOS to reach for help from a family member or a friend. Then the problem solved.

A portable GPS device plays a role in the sports


Whether like during cycling, running race, usually we need to measure distance, speed, and accelerations of the athletes to get a final result. Or outdoor enthusiasts need to record the current exercise performance  for further improvement. Well, a portable GPS tracker can record the travelling route and time,  and it will not be a burden because it is designed small and light.

Features of PG03 mini nav GPS receiver

Mini GPS location finder without sim card
Navigation satellite timing and ranging
Compass navigation
Find direction with latitude and longitude

outdoor mini GPS tracker

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Features of V20 GPS device power bank

Combine flashlight and power bank with a GPS device
GPS positioning
Long life battery


GPS tracker power bank

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Features of K106 portable speed tracker

Light and easy to wear, can clip to clothes
GPS Positioning

portable tracker for runners

Read more about NL-K106/get a quote.

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