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When dogs or cats been raised in a home, they are just like an intimate family member to the owner. But dogs tend to get themselves in trouble by chasing something and get far away. It is not easy for them to get back especially happens at unfamiliar surrounding. Get a suitable GPS collar for the dog or cat should be a very ideal solution.

waterproof tracker for the dog
mini pet tracker

Mini cute pet GPS tracker          Fit for small or medium dog or cat GPS/LBS positioning dog collar   

Dimension:  43*36*16mm            Weight:  21g             


Long standby animal tracker with solar panel /Cattle/Sheep animal location solar power GPS tracker

Dimension: 65*55*17mm          weight: 64g

paw shape collar pet tracker

 GPS/LBS/A-GPS/WIFI  positioning 2G/3G pet tracker for small pets with Led light 

Dimension:  47*50*15mm    weight: 40g


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