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Mini handheld keychain location finder GPS tracker without sim card

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Maximum 16 destination points can be set 

Clue you the direction and distance to the destination or departure

Provide longitude, latitude, and altitude data of the current location, perfect for hiking, climbing etc.

Speed measurement during sports

Synchronize the time with the satellite

History travel distance and time record




Positioning accuracy       5~10m

Sensitivity                              -161dbm tracking, -157 recapture, -148 capture

Start time                               Hot start: 5s,  warm start: 40s, cold start: 2min

Protocol                                   NMA-0183 v3.01

Input currency                     5V/3.7V 390 built-in lithium battery 

Power consumption          70 mAh for capture, 30 mAh for constant tracking

Working time                         6 hours

Working temperature       -20°C~+55°C

Storage temperature          -30°C~+55°C

Storage                                        512KB

Screen  size                               1.4 inch

Display pixels                           128*64mm

Backlight                                     Blue

Button                                          3

Weight                                         40g

Dimension                                 65*52*21mm                       

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