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When kids are out of our sight or elderly at home alone, or few friends go hiking or other adventure activities, there is always a concern for the family members. Take a GPS tracker with could be a good solution in reducing anxiety and play an important role in case of emergency.

Portable GPS tracker                      Portable size and waterproof feature     /Mini chip GPS/WIFI/LBS tracking device 3G personal GPS tracker with sim card perfect for children/elderly     

Size:77*37*23                                      Battery: 1000mAh

portable elderly/kids GPS tracking device

Small size easy to wear GPS tracker      /Long battery life 2G/3G/4G smart waterproof mini personal pet dog GPS tracker            

Size: 61*44*16mm                              Battery: 900mAh   

round badge tracker

Badge student GPS tracker                Small and exquisite easy to wear kids tracker /Wireless anti-lost easy to disguise GPS tracker for kids/pet

Size: 55*55mm                                           Battery: 800mAh


Long Battery Life GPS Tracker

Dimension: 74*43*31mm                           Weight: 140g(6400mAh)/95g(4400mAh)

Mini 4G GPS Tracker              

Dimension: 49*42.5*19mm           Weight: 40g

Portable walker keychain locator      

Dimension: 65*53*21mm               Weight:  40g

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