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anti-lost, stolen rECOVERY

Multiple alerts connected to the cell phone, tablet, and computer, real time tracking for cars, E-bike etc.

truck, school bus monitor

Video monitoring system with GPS feature, full view and management for safety concern.


GPS tracker connect to RFID reader, only driver with authorized cards can start the car.

smart ranching

Benefit from the NB-IoT technology, the ranching can be much more productive and efficient.

Sports watch

Wearing fitness tracker not only helps you stick to a training plan, log the workout easily during each run. But also let you assess your progress, which makes the exercises joyful.

GPS smartwatch

By wearing a smart watch with GPS real time tracking function, parents can know the children’s whereabouts. Elderly at home alone can press SOS for immediate help, which live a life more independent.

Dog/cat/animal GPS tracking

Keep tracking your pet, sheep and cattle. Remote monitoring and pinpoint the location when it gets outside of the area predetermined.

Car tracking and anti-theft

Nobody wants their car been stolen, but sometimes it happens unexpected. A covert car anti-theft GPS tracker is an inexpensive and effective security measure.In case the worst happens. With the help of the tracker device, you can rest assured that the car can be tracked and recovered.

Truck delivery tracking

Those in the fleet and logistics industrys must have confront the difficulty of managing the fleets, the long standby truck GPS trackers can help the employer reduce fuel cost and increase the delivery efficiency.

Bicycle tracking and anti-theft

While cycling with some friends in the open  field, one who gets lost can locate where the others has been or should be going. Also it helps to locate the lost bike and get it back, avoid economic losses.

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